Expansion joints

By using its experience and know-how, our production department can create even the finest detail with extreme care. This is how our special expansion joints in marble, granite and stone were created and solve problems associated with the heat expansion of surfaces such as flooring and wall coverings.


The production of our expansion joints is the result of careful design and the twenty years of experience that Bauce Bruno has gained in the industry. Once again, it has come up with an elegant solution to specific technical and aesthetic requirements. This is why our products are especially valued and appreciated by the luxury and hotel sectors.

The marble, granite and stone expansion joints are shaped to adhere perfectly to any surface; the core that is skilfully inserted into each joint is the element that guarantees the structural integrity of the surfaces, even in different climatic conditions.


Our expansion joints preserve the beauty and quality of the marble or granite they are made of as they naturally fit into the stone context they are placed in. They are a luxurious alternative to wooden joints and battens and aluminium profiles which do not always adapt perfectly to natural stone coverings and flooring.